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"Ugh! Itachi, stop! Come on, we need to be back in time for dinner!"

"Quit your whining Sasuke...I need to train..."

"Itachi, Mom said I can't back home without you! And she told us to be home in time for dinner! Come on Itachi, I don't wanna get in trouble-"

"Will you quit complaining, Sasuke? Do you want to become strong like I am? If you do, then you need to stop whining and just pay attention."

There was a pause in between the forest as Sasuke watched Itachi concentrate on his target and launch several shurikens at the tree. They all hit in a perfectly straight line, except for one.

"Come on Itachi! Let's go! I'm going without you and I'm gonna tell mom you were trying to get me in trouble! She won't let you have any dessert! You have that dango in the cupboard and I bet you mom will let me have it all to myself!"

Sasuke said, crossing his arms and turning around. Itachi's patience was being tested, he hadn't even wanted to take Sasuke with him, this was completely stupid. He frowned and grabbed Sasuke by the back of the neck and shoved him against a nearby tree. The fear in his brother's large eyes began to grow as Itachi glared at him, his sharingan activated.

"Sasuke, Stop. Pestering. Me."

He said to his little brother, biting down every bit of rage that he could as he dropped Sasuke onto his feet again and gave him a none-too-gentle smack upside his head. Sasuke yelped and covered his head with both hands and frowned, whining slightly.

By instinct he stupidly went up behind Itachi and shoved him. At least tried, when Sasuke pushed him instead of Itachi even stumbling, Sasuke was the one who fell backwards. Itachi turned around and towered over his younger brother. He weighed the possible options. Beat the shit out of Sasuke, Beat the shit out of Sasuke or, a possible number three.

Beat the shit out of Sasuke, shattering all of his idolization and trust for at least a week and risking having to tell their mother some very crafty lies.

He was leaning towards option number three.

He reached down, grabbing Sasuke by the front of the shirt and pulling him forward. Sasuke pushed against him, trying to get free of his older brothers hold but found it nearly impossible.

"Don't you aren't supposed to push your big brother...Sasuke?"

He asked, looking him dead in the eye. Sasuke's eyes filled with tears and he whimpered as Itachi pinned him to the ground and raised his arm, clenching his fist and about to do something he would take great regret in...He paused as he weighed these options. He believed in peace and this, certainly was not peace...He began to lower his fist...

...Until Sasuke bit the hand that Itachi was holding him down with.

"OW! Sasuke! Let go!"

Itachi yelled, flailing around and rolling around on the ground with Sasuke, struggling to get his little brothers fangs out of his flesh. His teeth were sharper than a lions in Itachi's opinion, and they broke the skin easily. Itachi reacted by pinching Sasuke in every possible place he could get a hold of.

They continued this escapade that could be called fighting, depending on how you looked at it. They rolled until they head something which could have been mistaken as a tree, until it cleared it's throat. An all too familiar clearing of the throat.

The two brothers looked up to see their father towering over them, both hands crossed over his chest. He didn't look very pleased. Sasuke whimpered and detached himself from Itachi's bleeding wrist and Itachi let go of Sasuke's arm, which he had just been pinching.

"Stand up."

Fugaku commanded with the authority he usually used when they were training. When he was the boss and it wasn't the rare, yet kind and fatherly voice. Itachi and Sasuke got to their feet, Itachi holding onto his wrist in some attempt to stop the bleeding.

"I'm not even going to ask you what you were doing. You two KNOW better, now come. Back to the house, you both are in a fair share of trouble."

He said, leading the way back to their home.

When they arrived at the home, Mikoto didn't even ask any sort of question. She didn't know what they had done, but she knew it must have been for the look on Fugaku's face was one of deep anger.

"Who's first?"

Was all she asked as she went into the cabinet and pulled out a first aid kit before sitting down at the kitchen table. Fugaku placed a hand on Itachi's shoulder and the younger boy put his head down. Sasuke went to sit down, looking up at Itachi and Fugaku; wishing he could just take everything back.

Fugaku wordlessly led Itachi into his bedroom, shutting the door behind them. He stared at his oldest son, his pride and importance. He sighed as he began to take his belt out of the loops of his pants.

"You know the drill, Itachi."

Itachi frowned, saying nothing as he took off his pants, his boxers following. He stepped out of the material as he walked to the bed and bent over it, crossing his arms and putting his head down. He stayed quiet as he heard Fugaku wrapping the belt around his hand. He heard the buckle click through the air as he adjusted the thick strap and stood to the side of Itachi.

"You are being punished for fighting with your brother, Itachi. Remember that."

He said before raising his arm. He allowed Itachi to anticipate the moment before the belt hit him before bringing the belt down across his son's pale bottom. The belt left a red mark where it hit and Itachi bit his lip, hissing gently.

Meanwhile, Sasuke could hear every swat landing, and flinched as he did. Mikoto sighed as she applied a few bandages to the places which were scraped, either from the ground or accidentally from Itachi.

"Sasuke, what happened out there?"

She asked him as she placed the bandages back into the kit. She had heard plenty of her sons spankings not to flinch as much. Sasuke frowned, looking down at his hands as he itched the back of his neck; continuing to flinch gently.

"I got into a fight with 'Tachi..."

Mikoto frowned as her youngest son wiped a few tears from his eyes. She walked over, sitting next to him and hugging him gently.

"I d-don't know why I fought him, mom..."

He said, whimpering gently. Mikoto nodded, simply listening and comforting Sasuke. Meanwhile, Fugaku was just beginning with Itachi. Itachi gripped the blankets of his bed, a few tears having escaped his eyes as his father mercilessly whipped him with the thick leather of his belt. As Fugaku's strikes began to hit lower, Itachi's crying got harder. He struggled to stiffen himself and simply take the pain, but found it hard as the strength of the swats increased.

"D-dad! I'm s-sorry!"

Itachi said, quietly enough so it would be hard to hear unless you were in the same room. Fugaku ignored him as he raised the belt and brought it down. He showed no mercy to his eldest son and finally, after endless moments of this he paused for a moment. By that point, Itachi was violently sobbing.

"I sure hope by this point you have learned not to fight with your little brother. A fight with him will not be resolved by your brute force used against him, you are his idol. And so help me, should I have to repeat this again, you will not get off this easy."

The older male lectured as he uncoiled the belt from around his hand. Itachi managed a meek nod as he sobbed into his bed sheets. Fugaku remained a moment, resting a hand on his shoulder before leaving the room.


He said, not even pausing as he went to wait in Sasuke's room. Sasuke looked up at his mother who nodded, releasing him from her kind, one armed embrace and got a few things together before going into Itachi's room. Itachi gulped, wishing he could just remain in his mothers arms as he slowly got up and walked to his room.

He stood inside the door as his father looked up from where he was sitting. He beckoned him forward.

"Shut the door."

Sasuke whimpered slightly as he went into the room and slowly shut the door behind him. He looked first at the floor, then at his father and then decided that the floor would be the easiest to face at this point. He slowly walked over to Fugaku's side.

Fugaku sighed as he looked at his youngest son and adjusted his sitting position.

"I'll start with my hand, Sasuke. But no that you're getting older it's about time I started using the belt."

Sasuke looked up immediately at this. The terror in his eyes was unmistakeable. He gulped gently and shifted uncomfortably. The only things Sasuke had ever been spanked with was someone's hand, only once was an implement used and it was only a few whacks from a wooden spoon. After plenty of pestering on his part, he had once gotten Itachi to let him see after one of Fugaku's discussions with his belt. It was horrible!

Fugaku didn't wait for a moment as he picked Sasuke up from under the arms and laid him over his lap. Sasuke whimpered, clinging to the material of Fugaku's pant leg not unlike Itachi had done to the bedsheets earlier. Sasuke laid still in order to be as obedient as possible for his father as he felt his pants get tugged down to his ankles. After a moment his underwear followed and he gripped Fugaku's pant leg tighter.

Fugaku didn't pause for a moment as he raised his arm and began to land quick, firm swats onto Sasuke's bottom. Fugaku knew how little it took to break Sasuke, in addition to the fact he had already been beating himself over it.

Sasuke yelped at the swats, in addition to the pile of everything else on his shoulder, the fact that he would be spanked with the belt was not helping put Sasuke at any ease. He whimpered as he gripped Fugaku's leg tighter and a few tears welled up in his eyes. He bit his lip as the pain intensified and the first of many warm tears ran down his face. He hiccuped as his father didn't even seem to take note and continued the barrage of fierce swats.

After five minutes, maybe more or maybe less, Fugaku set him on his feet. Sasuke knew by now to keep his arms at his side and to stay where he had been put.

"Bend over the bed, Sasuke."

Sasuke looked up at Fugaku and sniffled as he bent forward onto his bed. He reached forward and grabbed a nearby teddybear, hugging it close to his chest. At this point, he didn't care how well he seemed to be taking this punishment. He heard the same sound Itachi had when Fugaku wrapped the buckle around his hand and readied the belt to land across his youngest sons bare bottom.

Instead of leaving him to control himself as he expected from Itachi, Fugaku leaned forward and rested a hand on the small of Sasuke's back. Sasuke whined slightly as Fugaku did this and inwardly willed himself to stay still.

Fugaku sighed and raised the belt and leaving it in the air for a moment, just as he usually did with Itachi. He then brought it down with a sound that echoed through the quiet house. Sasuke yelled out in response, not expecting the pain to be all that bad as his tears began again.

Fugaku landed yet another lash from the belt, his arm was surprisingly still hitting just as hard as when he started. Sasuke buried his face into his teddybear and hugged it tightly, wailing at each swat. The pain was nearly unbearable. After the fifth swat, Sasuke was sobbing into his teddybear.

"F-father! Please! I-I'm s-sorry!"

He cried desperately. Fugaku ignored him for another two swats before stopping completely. The belt had left pleanty of welts on Itachi, but in Sasuke's case it had only left a few. He sighed as he looked at his sons crying frame that lay draped over the bed and gently patted his head.

"No more fighting with Itachi. He'll knock you into next week if you push his buttons too far."

Fugaku said before getting up and leaving. He went out to the living room and nodded at Mikoto as he put his belt back on.

"I have to leave for a mission. I'll be back home in a few days."

He said, kissing her on the cheek. As this happened, Itachi snuck into Sasuke's room, shutting the door. He scratched his arm awkwardly, just above where a bandage had been placed from where Sasuke bit him. He quietly went over and knelt on the floor next to him. He was silent for a moment as he watched him cry before rubbing his back gently. Sasuke looked up at him and immediately abandoned the teddy bear and threw his arms around Itachi's neck.

Itachi sighed and wrapped his arms around Sasuke, cradling him and rubbing his back gently. He kissed the side of his face and pet his unruly head of hair.

"Shh, I know, I know..."

He whispered as he rubbed his back. Sasuke cried into Itachi's shoulder and tightly gripped his shirt. He felt safe in his brothers arms. It wasn't the same as his mothers. But it was almost as good and that was all that mattered to Sasuke.


Itachi asked gently as Sasuke's sobs and cried had down. Sasuke looked up at Itachi, wiping a tear off his face with the back of his hand.

"I'm sorry..."

Sasuke frowned as he nuzzled against Itachi's chest.

"I'm s-sorry too."

Itachi smirked as Sasuke looked up at him again and managed a small smile. Itachi then lifted his arm and poked his little brother in the forehead with two fingers, which resulted in Sasuke making a very high pitched squeaking noise and burying his face into Itachi's shirt.

They both laughed as Sasuke rubbed his forehead. After a few moments Sasuke looked up again.



"You don't think mom will take away the dango in the cabinet, do you?"

Itachi smirked slightly.

"She might if you don't do all of my chores."


"Tch. It was worth a try."
This was a request from :icontiffanygirl66: :3
I hope she likes it. It's been awhile since I have done anything related to Naruto. d:
It's so fluffay! I'M GONNA DIEEEEEE.

Ahem. Yeah.

Sasuke, Itachi and all other original Naruto Characters -c- Mr. Kishimoto. :]
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the end made me cry! so cute X3X3X3X3
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Awwwwww >W<
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at first i thought this was cute...then the belt showed up...stopped reading right there...
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What is a dango? I love the story!
MuffinNinjahh Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! <3 Dango is(are) sweet dumplings on a stick. (They aren't really all that sweet in my opinion from homemade ones but, maybe they are!) They're seen in Naruto if you've seen Anko eating those stick things. <3 [link]
UnsilveredLove Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011

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emi7890 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Student General Artist
I can relate to Itachi and Sasuke...

I was first lashed when I was about 5 or 6... o.O

so I imagined Sasuke as a 5 year old and Itachi as an 10 year old...
MuffinNinjahh Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
They are actually 7 and 13 in this fic, but you were close! : D
Damn. o__o f-five or six? D: You poor thing Dx
oniiyuuki Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student Artist
Itachi is 10 years OLDER then Sasuke so If Sasuke was 7 Itachi would be 17 but if Itachi was 13 Sasuke would be 3
MuffinNinjahh Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The commissioner actually requested the ages for this story. ^^ People decide and I write, I never really kept up much with the backgrounds of the Uchiha's as much cause they never held much interest. I do appreciate it though, I'll keep that in mind for future fics!
oniiyuuki Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Student Artist
Oh you haven't thought? Haha i thought you just did this for fun!
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'Mi-chan loves you!! <3
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Poor Itachi.....And Fugaku, Sasuke is too young for that belt.....Wait until he's Itachi's age.....But Itachi, watch your back, because on your second day of Akatsuki your partner is gonna get your ass good.....I'd know I saw the whole thing.....;p
MuffinNinjahh Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I know ;A; But you know Fugaku. He is a strict man who takes no bull...Mwahahaa! Itachi deserves it! >^<
SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Not that bad he doesn't.....Oh well! Then again, Fugaku tried to hurt Obito because of who his lover was and the fact said lover was pregnant.....(You wouldn't believe anything i say other than that.....);p
MuffinNinjahh Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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SailorStarMiracle Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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